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a city in north central Morocco

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The memorandum, which was signed by Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Musa Maaytah, and FES Jordan and Iraq Resident Director, Anja Wehler-Schoeck, aims to strengthen and expand cooperation between the two sides, implement joint activities on decentralization, promoting young men and women's participation in political life.
"Our innovative Scaletreat FeS chemistry controls iron sulphide and other sulphide scales and allows oil producers to reduce their chemical spend, while, at the same time, dramatically increasing running days of their wells and production facilities."
The stagnation of FES membership may be due in part to poor participation by students in FES.
FES will provide the fluid transfer system for the turret, which will be built by Orwell.
Despite the aforementioned evidence, there is still a scarcity of knowledge about the translation of this evidence to persons with SCI or to applications of FES cycling.
Her Royal Highness was also welcomed by president of the Regional Council of Fes-Boulemane, the vice president of the Council of the city of Fes, the president of the Prefectural Council of Fes, the chairman of the Mechouar-Fes-Jdid Council, the president of "Esprit de Fes" Foundation, the honorary president of the Foundation, the director general of the Foundation, as well as the members of the organizing committee of the 20th edition of the Festival, which runs until June 21.
Fes is believed to be the most ancient functioning Islamic medieval city in the world, dating back to 800AD.
This section describes the development of the muscle model and segmental dynamics occurring during FES based on the work done by [17].
In light of this, the objectives of the present study were to (1) report on the design of the IPSA and (2) demonstrate the use of the IPSA including principles of experimental setup and execution, including the feasibility of using the IPSA to test various FES controllers.
In an FES system, electrical currents are used to activate nerves in paralyzed extremities.
Our foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung(FES) affiliated to the social-democratic party and created in 1925 is the oldest one.
Fluoroestradiol (FES) has high binding affinity for estrogen receptors and has high tissue permeability including the blood-brain barrier [1,2].
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