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Synonyms for ferry

Synonyms for ferry

a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule


Related Words

transport by boat or aircraft

transport from one place to another

transport by ferry

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Without Ferris we may not have experienced Albert's chipped wonder goal against Manchester United and without Ferris players like Ginola, Lee and Ferdinand may not have settled so well in the city during the Entertainers era.
Ferris initially denied his guilt, then admitted causing Linda's death by dangerous driving while drunk, speeding, driving while banned and without insurance and trying to defeat justice by fleeing.
However, after co-starring in 2007 in a seven-minute independent film called Communicate about a man and a woman who try to communicate without understanding each other's language, Ferris fell in love with acting and decided to pursue it as a career at all costs.
At the time Ferris was working on invention of his hay carrier, barns were typically of two types.
Ferris contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Ferris Emergency App to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
La rueda Ferris dio su primera vuelta inaugural con celebridades de la ciudad a bordo, una estrategia para eliminar los temores de la gente e incitarla a subir.
But Mr Ferris said he braked as soon as he realised the pedestrian was ahead and claimed he should not have been dismissed.
Shepherd spent his time riding the Ferris wheel playing videogames, including online sessions of "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" with friends in Chicago, watching the James Bond movies and the recent Batman trilogy.
The commemorating doodle features two Ferris wheels with a fairground backdrop.
Ferris, who suffered ankle ligament damage in last week's Pro12 win over Aironi, was yesterday included in Brian McLaughlin's side for the quarter-final.
Escorted by Mike Morrow of MBG Associates; Dave Schultz of Harwick-Standard; and Bob Speirs of the Ferris State University Rubber and Plastic Technology program, the group was presented with an array of information throughout the day relating to the practical use of polymers, a hands-on tour of the rubber and plastic laboratories, and a rocket demonstration by Professor Matthew Yang to show how polymer technology is used to create rocket fuel.
Peter Ferris, executive director and lobbyist for Oregon Manufactured Homeowners United, has announced his decision to resign his post, effective immediately.
Ferris, 40, of Oak Street, formerly of Dover Plains, N.
David Ferris, 50, told his pupils he was an approved instructor with the Driving Standards Agency.