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any particle that obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics and is subject to the Pauli exclusion principle

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Another interesting possibility is that of a coloured fermionic mediator with an interaction vertex between quarks and the WIMP resulting in a t-channel exchange, as with squark in supersymmetric models:
In Section 4, we derive representations of some of the Niemeier lattices in 24 dimensions in the free fermionic formulation.
For any fermionic 2n-point Green's functions and related amplitudes, the full gauge-fixed sum of cubic and quartic gluonic interactions, with fermionic loops included, results in a local contact-type interaction.
Maybe, a question arises: "which is the effect of fermionic anomalies on the number of dimensions?" It must be clear that this paper is the first step for solving anomalies in 11-dimensional theories.
Thus, any further translation along 0-direction produces a zero result because of the fermionic ([partial derivative][[bar.[theta]].sup.2] = 0) nature of [[partial derivative].sub.[bar.[theta]]].
In the language of theoretical physics, the nilpotency property ensures the fermionic (supersymmetric-type) nature of the (anti-)BRST symmetries and the linear independence of BRST and anti-BRST symmetries is encoded in the property of absolute anticommutativity of the above (anti-)BRST symmetries.
One of the most elegant features of quantum field theory is supersymmetry, where fermionic and bosonic eigensolutions have the same mass.
Therefore, a natural explanation for the replication of the SM fermionic families is lepton and quark compositeness, in which both matter and antimatter elementary particles have a substructure called preon [2].
It chooses to remove two fermionic invariants while retaining all the bosonic operators.
Type-I seesaw [46-52] needs nonstandard heavy right-handed neutrino, linear and inverse seesaw both need nonstandard fermions and scalars, and type-III seesaw [38-45, 58-62] needs only nonstandard fermionic extension for their implementation.