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a metric unit of length equal to one quadrillionth of a meter

Italian nuclear physicist (in the United States after 1939) who worked on artificial radioactivity caused by neutron bombardment and who headed the group that in 1942 produced the first controlled nuclear reaction (1901-1954)


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Fermi LAT data show that the Moon's brightness varies by about 20% over the Sun's 11-year activity cycle.
But the signal was missed, suggesting that if there were other, actual signals of dark matter in the Fermi data, they could have been missed as well.
Elizabeth Ferrara, who led the constellation project, said: "By 2015, the number of different sources mapped by Fermi's LAT had expanded to about 3,000 -- 10 times the number known before the mission.
The study leaves a limited playing field for dark matter, which can't explain the properties of the pulsar candidates that the Fermi team observes.
Detroit Edison broke ground on Fermi 1 in 1956, constructing the nuclear reactor plant on the shores of Lake Erie in Monroe County's Frenchtown Charter Township.
Table 1: A summary of the methods used to solve the Thomas-Fermi equation, marked with Analytical or Numerical methods (A/N) Author/Authors Year A/N Technique Fermi [27] 1928 A Statistical method Baker[29] 1930 A Monotone and Taylor's series Bush and 1931 N Differential analyzer Caldwell [30] Sommerfeld [31] 1932 A Asymptotic behavior Feynman et al.
Colleagues revered Fermi for the methodical way he first conceived, and then tested, his many scientific insights.
Only the density of states (DOS) distribution near the Fermi level determines the magnetic properties.
For the widely discussed--textbook--case, namely, the three-dimensional IFG confined by an impenetrable box potential, the chemical potential results to be a monotonic decreasing function of the temperature, diminishing from the Fermi energy, [E.sub.F], at zero temperature, to the values of the ideal classical gas for temperatures much larger than [k.sup.-1.sub.B] ([h.sup.2]/m[[lambda].sup.2.sub.T]), where [k.sub.B] is Boltzmann's constant, h is Planck's constant divided by 2[pi], m is the mass of the particle, and [[lambda].sub.T] = [square root of 2[pi][h.sup.2]/m[k.sub.B]T] is the thermal wavelength of de Broglie, where T denotes the system's absolute temperature.
Earlier Fermi studies helped uncover lightning-like radio signals emitted by TGFs.
Fermi detected gamma rays from a nova once before, but that was an unusual situation.
Fermi 3 is estimated to cost as much as $10 billion.
On December 2, 1942, the first self-sustained nuclear reaction was initiated at the University of Chicago by a group of physicists led by Enrico Fermi. The experiment took place in an old squash court and became one of the landmarks of the nuclear era.
Washington, May 24 ( ANI ): An international team of astronomers led by Lars Fuhrmann from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany, used some of the best single-dish radio telescopes for several years, in combination with NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, to study the place where high energy outbursts occur.
In general, composite fields are neither Fermi nor Bose operators, since they do not satisfy canonical (anti)commutation relations, and their properties must be determined self-consistently.