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French mathematician who founded number theory

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But I've since read many letters on the subject from mathematicians, who say I was wrong to draw an analogy between Fermat's last theorem and squaring the circle.
(1) If one of the three angles in the triangle is greater than or equal to 120[degrees], the Fermat point is the vertex at that angle (Figure 2(a)).
We want to see this last fraction as a'+b'/c' where [a' b' c'] is the very next Fermat triple.
But in the space of single letter on August 24, 1654, Pascal and Fermat would prove them wrong and in doing so, demonstrate to all who came after them that it was actually possible to predict future events.
According to the Bahrain Tribune, Al Salam Bank-Bahrain has announced that it would implement an Integrated Risk Management Solution from Fermat.
As a result, we are delighted to be working with ASBB which cements FermatCOs leadership position in Bahrain,C[yen] said co-founder of Fermat Gilbert Gagnaire.
Smarandache function, the Fermat number, lower bound estimate, elementary method.
In Section 3 the development of calculus from Fermat, Pascal and Descartes to Newton, Barrow, Wallis and Leibniz is treated.
Math and mystery add up to an unlikely but engrossing solution in "Fermat's Room," a locked-room teaser that handles its limited dramatic permutations with flair, skill and a nicely contempo air.
He gives as examples some of the seminal ideas that arose in this manner, such as the resolution of the most famous mathematical problem of all time, the Fermat conjecture.
What if he says he'll tell you where the bomb is if someone will explain the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, in words he can understand?
Perelman's achievement comes close on the heels of Andrew Wiles's proof of Fermat's last theorem, in 1995.
Pero tambien las matematicas han construido el arte de los simbolos y sus relaciones misteriosas, recordemos por ejemplo, el ultimo teorema de Fermat, evidencia maravillosa de lo anterior.
His youngest son Alan (Corbet) is off at boarding school in England with pal Fermat (Fulton), the son of Brains (Edwards), the stuttering genius behind International Rescue's gadgets.
Desde hace mucho tiempo, el ultimo teorema de Fermat es uno de los desafios principales a los que se ha visto enfrentada la comunidad de los matematicos.