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trade name of a drug rich in iron

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The company's portfolio includes the OTC brands Kerasal and Kerasal Nail, topical pain relief cream Jointflex and skin treatment Domeboro, as well as Vanquish and Fergon ingestible remedies.
The company's portfolio includes the OTC brands Kerasal, Kerasal Nail, Balmex, Jointflex, Domeboro, Vanquish, and Fergon.
We constantly hear from our customers how knowledgeable and friendly Chris Fergon is and how easy he is to work with.
Caps, Ferra-TD, Ferro-Bob, Ferrospace, Ferro-Time, Mol-Iron, Slow Fe, Yieronia Ferrous gluconate 38 Fergon, Ferralet, Simron Ferrous fumarate and 81 Repliva 21/7 (also contains ferrous asparto 70 ascorbic acid, glycinate succinic acid, folic acid, and vitamin [B.sub.12]) Polysaccharide iron 50-150 Ferrimin, Fe-Tinic 150, (ferric) Hytinic, Niferex, Nudron
74 M Estill, V Fergon, K Golden, J Hanna, T Hanson, N Harvey, C Johnson, R Jones, M Lovander, K Marshall, M McGann, J McGill, M McGuire, C Nilsmark, M Will, T Drdin
14 - C Figg-Currier 73 70, V Fergon 73 70, H Bowie 72 71, K Parker 71 72.
Moberg Pharma AB (STO:MOB) (OMX: MOB) on Monday announced that it has entered into an agreement with Strides Pharma Inc to divest the brands Jointflex, Fergon and Vanquish for a total consideration of USD10m, plus the inventory value at closing.
With OTC sales operations in the US and a distributor network in more than 40 countries, Moberg Pharma's portfolio includes OTC brands such as Kerasal, Kerasal Nail, Balmex, Domeboro, Jointflex, Vanquish and Fergon.