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Hungarian playwright (1878-1952)


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The mnemonic lapse, together with what might after all be a subconscious allusion to Ferenc Molnar, can be taken as another, minor, symptom of the "cryptomnesia" attributed to Nabokov by the German scholar Michael Marr on account of the writer's having suppressed whatever memories he might have had of the German short story "Lolita," another candidate for being Dolores Haze's precursor (cf.
On Thursday there will be two additional programs: Increased Trade Opportunities for NAFTA Countries as a Result of GATT, featuring three speakers including Lawrence Brill and Ferenc Molnar of the U.
Wodehouse's plays include adaptations of his novels and of the work of continental playwrights such as Ferenc Molnar and Siegfried Geyer.
No detail was too trivial or too absurd: the word "blond" was censored out of a Ferenc Molnar play, and after the German annexation of Austria in 1938 the endrhyme from a cabaret song--"in London, in Paris und Wien"--had to be replaced with "Turin," since Vienna, now a German city, could no longer be alluded to on a Jewish stage.
In the former, only the Hungarian dramatist Ferenc Molnar and the Soviet Blue Blouse movement are relatively well-known, if merely by reputation, on this side of the Atlantic.
Ferenc Molnar was and is the best-known Hungarian writer abroad, even despite the present fashion of Marai and the past glory of such poets as Petofi, Attila Jozsef, and Radnoti.
co-presentation with the National Arts Center, in association with Harbourfront Center, of a play in two acts by Ferenc Molnar, adapted by P.