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Hungarian playwright (1878-1952)


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On Thursday there will be two additional programs: Increased Trade Opportunities for NAFTA Countries as a Result of GATT, featuring three speakers including Lawrence Brill and Ferenc Molnar of the U.S.
Wodehouse's plays include adaptations of his novels and of the work of continental playwrights such as Ferenc Molnar and Siegfried Geyer.
No detail was too trivial or too absurd: the word "blond" was censored out of a Ferenc Molnar play, and after the German annexation of Austria in 1938 the endrhyme from a cabaret song--"in London, in Paris und Wien"--had to be replaced with "Turin," since Vienna, now a German city, could no longer be alluded to on a Jewish stage.
Cabaret Performance really opens up the field with its sections "Central and Eastern Europe, 1913--1934," and "Western and Northern Europe, 1925--1937." In the former, only the Hungarian dramatist Ferenc Molnar and the Soviet Blue Blouse movement are relatively well-known, if merely by reputation, on this side of the Atlantic.
For example, in 1921 he wrote the standard English version of Ferenc Molnar's Liliom.
Independent Players will open its 41st season with the popular Ferenc Molnar comedy, described as "a very funny play about a very bad marriage." Tickets, $10-$15, can be purchased online at www.independentplayers.org and at the door prior to each performance (cash/check only).
The Hamburg Ballet production, based on Ferenc Molnar's 1909 play, follows moody heartbreaker Liliom and his devoted lover Julie, danced by international ballerina Alina Cojocaru, who originated the role.
His other productions include an erotic, poetic staging of Brecht's Baal that was much discussed in Budapest and Paris, and a straightforwardly bright and funny version of Ferenc Molnar's Liliom (upon which Rodgers and Hammerstein based Carousel) that may eventually become the director's calling card in the U.S.
THIS YEAR MARKS THE FORTIETH anniversary of Ferenc Molnar's death.
co-presentation with the National Arts Center, in association with Harbourfront Center, of a play in two acts by Ferenc Molnar, adapted by P.G.
He adapted The Devil (1908) from a play by Ferenc Molnar and wrote plays of his own, among them The Florist's Shop (1909) and The Love Cure (1909).
It will be directed by Laszlo Marton, the highly regarded artistic director of the National Theater of Hungary, as will Ferenc Molnar's "The Play's the Thing."