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(65) (1.) All references to and quotes from the novel are from the Jesse Coulson English translation published in FEODOR DOSTOEVSKY, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, THIRD EDITION, A NORTON CRITICAL EDITION (George Gibian ed., 1989) [hereinafter DOSTOEVSKY (Gibian ed.)] and the Russian original available on the Internet at http://kulichki.com/moshkow/LITRA/DOSTOEWSKIJ/prestup.txt.
We can rebel and revolt against evil, shaking an angry fist at God in the style of Feodor Dostoevsky's Ivan Karamazov.
Girard, Rene, Resurrection from the Underground: Feodor Dostoevsky. Ed.
(13.)Fabre, in particular, has emphasized that Native Son violates the formulaic optimism of the standard proletarian hero's raised consciousness while also moving "beyond naturalism" by refuting an obligatory determinism and despair: "Feodor Dostoevsky comes to mind when we consider Wright's conception of self-creation through violence and murder" (World 6, 64).