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Synonyms for fence

Synonyms for fence

to confine within a limited area

to separate with or as if with a wall

Synonyms for fence

a dealer in stolen property

enclose with a fence

receive stolen goods

Related Words

fight with fencing swords

surround with a wall in order to fortify

References in classic literature ?
Motives are all very well, but the fence comes here.
Three notice-boards, belonging to Dorking agents, lolled on her fence and announced the not surprising fact.
Let us go to the fence, and then we may find a way," suggested Scraps.
I'm a very swift runner, for I can overtake a honey-bee as it flies; and I can jump very high, which is the reason they made such a tall fence to keep me in.
Those fence-boards are made of wood, and if the Woozy stands close to the fence and lets his eyes flash fire, they might set fire to the fence and burn it up.
He then stood close to the fence, with his head near one of the boards, and Scraps called out "Krizzle-Kroo
We don't want to burn the whole fence down," said he, "for the flames would attract the attention of the Munchkin farmers, who would then come and capture the Woozy again.
Most fences require at least two different kinds of post, according to their role within the fence.
There are just a myriad of fences, most of which don't meet the code,'' said City Councilman Jef Vander Borght.
We know why these fences are going up," she said, "because certain people's rights and well-being are recognized, respected, and protected, and other's rights are not.
Product Introductions/Developments II-8 Merchant Metals Launches Tango Rail[R] Fence System II-8 CSR Hebel Introduces Unique Power for Residential Segment II-8 CertainTeed Launches CertaStucco[TM] Vinyl Fence II-8 CertainTeed Launches New Lattice Accent II-8 Master Halco Introduces Monumental Iron Works[TM] II-8 AERT Launches Lifecycle[R] Fencing II-9 Composatron Launches Premier[TM] Fensations II-9 CPI Plastics Introduces Pro Series Fencing Line II-9 Kroy Introduces Sandstone II-9
8220;Companies also have to be careful installing fences in the winter because of the ice and slippery conditions.
COUNTRYSIDE: I was reviewing the article for fencing goats (Sept/Oct 08) and all of the reviews were great except one type of fence was not mentioned.
The City Council voted late Tuesday to approve a strategy for enforcing the law governing walls and fences in residential areas.