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Synonyms for feminism

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In other words, identifying with a party is less a "rational" choice based on how a voter's policy views align with a party, and more a reflection of how "partisan identity aligns with racial, religious, and ideological identities." In this context, adherence to or opposition to feminist beliefs may also drive partisan gaps.
This rather hilarious view on marriage reveals the American woman's strong feminist beliefs, accompanied by a strong hint of irony towards radical feminism.
263), but I disagree, having only seen a few clear examples of girls who had described their parents' feminist beliefs and the subsequent influence on their own thinking.
The variable relationships described by this function demonstrated that complex family environments were related to integrative White racial consciousness attitudes and more advanced feminist beliefs. The only exception to this with respect to feminist identity development was the endorsement of the Passive Acceptance scale, which may be tied to women's increased emphasis on valuing the feminine.
Attempting to find a man who not only accepts my own feminist beliefs, but also endorses them himself feels almost impossible at times.
Ironically, argues Bosworth, despite Fonda's fierce independence and feminist beliefs, these incarnations were defined by a desire to please the men in her life--a direct result of her troubled relation-ship with her standoffish father, actor Henry Fonda.
They embraced progressive education and parenting and feminist beliefs (for example, they consciously strove to share domestic chores equally).
The essays reflect the experiences of many subgroups within feminism: lesbian mothers trying to justify their motherhood to both heterosexual and homosexual culture; minority mothers seeking to reconcile their mothering traditions with their struggles against white patriarchy; privileged mothers wrestling to integrate their maternity with their feminist beliefs.
Do forces that impacted feminist beliefs in the past, such as gender and generation, impact feminist beliefs today within the context of abortion policy support?
While some of the discussion is over-obvious ("bridge-building" in this case turns out to be little more than the association of feminist beliefs with characters whose attributes the reader is likely to find sympathetic), its treatment of "protean metaphor" is more persuasive.
Being "radical" referred to members being explicit about their feminist beliefs and publically confronting patriarchal policies and practices.
He describes how what began as a black-white division in the UK has been complicated by cultural racism, Islamophobia, and a challenge to secular modernity, and explores the tensions arising among advocates of multiculturalism as some of their secularist, liberal, and feminist beliefs are challenged by Muslims seeking social equality.
We interviewed 20 WS faculty at four comprehensive universities, focusing on how individual values (feminist beliefs and scholarly identity), peer values (intellectual and friendship communities), and institutional values (reward systems and resource allocation) influenced their decisions about pursuing feminist teaching, research, and service.
In Durso's portrayal, this rebellion sprang from two sources: Sarah's religious and feminist beliefs.
The novel is based on a variety of neo-Gnostic, esoteric and feminist beliefs. It presents Christianity as a lie, and the Catholic Church as a misogynist institution.