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In comments published Wednesday on the website of the pro-Hamas newspaper Felesteen, Hamas' Gaza strongman Mahmoud Zahar renewed his call to Abbas to quit the negotiations.
The men were accused in the deaths of Suleiman Ashi, an economics editor for the Felesteen newspaper, and Muhammad Abdo, a manager at the same publication.
Ramallah-28/5/2014: Israeli occupation forces raided Al-ayyam Company for printing, publication and distributing headquarters, after the midnight, in Ramallah city, in order to inform them to halt printing" Felesteen "daily newspaper.
Hamas' prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, was quoted by Hamas-affiliated Felesteen news website as saying "we shall not desist in preserving our internal security.
Palestinian violations of media freedoms: Palestinian security services arrested the director of the West Bank office of the Felesteen newspaper, journalist Walid Khalid at his home in Iskaka village, Salfit, on the afternoon of 18 September 2012.