Black Forest

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a hilly forest region in southwestern Germany

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Feldberg and other pros were playing for cash prizes - about $500 for first place.
For, presumably, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan faces a similar problem when it comes to gratuities, and it is free to invoke the same argument as Feldberg without calling itself a democracy because of it.
FACELIFT: Mary Archer spent pounds 10,000 on cosmetic surgery; CLOSE RELATIONSHIP: Professor Stephen Feldberg
These gains come even though Caldor lowered the price on 8,500 SKUs in the past two years and moved away from promotional sales, which now represent 40 percent of revenues compared to 60 percent, Feldberg said.
Miss Feldberg, who has been at Whiston since 1993, said: ``We can reattach feet but it's very infrequent because the foot could have been smashed up or run over by a car or a train.
Feldberg, a 27-year-old University of Oregon student, is among the top professional disc golf players in the world.
Michael Feldberg, for example, suggests that the argument that gratuities lead to corruption is similar to the argument that marijuana use leads to heroin/cocaine addiction.
TANNED and rugged, the face of professor Stephen Feldberg stares out from the pages of a fishing magazine.
Torrel will report to Harley Feldberg, president of Avnet Electronics Marketing.
Blaise is planning a modernization project in Feldberg Ski Resort, the construction of a detachable 6-seater chairlift with weather protection hoods in the course.
She is the PA Mary Archer took to court to gag after she revealed details of the op and Lady Archer's friendship with Prof Stephen Feldberg.
It is our goal to provide the newest, most exciting merchandise to our customers, and we recognize the importance of building new relationships with vendors we may not have previously had the opportunity to do business with," Warren Feldberg, chairman and CEO of Caldor, said in a statement.
Howard Cohen and Michael Feldberg are pioneers in the study and application of police ethics.
Feldberg a Senior Advisor and a director of its Global Advisory Board.
Prior Information Notice: New detachable 6-seater chairlift at hand, feldberg, natural shell work, mountain / valley station, track supports, cable trench, terrain modeling.