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a branching path off of a main transportation line (especially an airline)

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2kV backbone feeder lines from San Remigio to Luyang, Bogo City to Sugod and Medellin to Daanbantayan.
29, and the main feeder line into Paxton went down about 3 a.
4 of the junction (feeder line--spacing collar, capacitor frame) and feeder line on the transmitter power in case of the junction being in order (drawn up and clear).
Nabucco shareholders have decided to build two feeder lines for the 7.
For instance, in-line sequencing, which responds to OEM broadcasts, releases orders into production and to subassembly feeder lines.
Built along an old rail line right of way, critics say parts of the line do not run through traditional transit corridors, creating a greater need for more North-South feeder lines.
He said: ``It's obvious that in considering options for a reduc-tion in s ubsidy, which in Wales would undoubtedly involve a reduction in s ervices, that the SRA are not taking into consideration the importance of rural railways, not only to the communities, but in t heir roles as feeder lines to the main lines.
His evidence: "'The fact that three of the 29 primary brain and central-nervous-system tumors that occurred in Guilford during those 21 years developed among a handful of people who live in four of five adjacent houses on Meadow Street that are situated near a substation and very close to a pair of high-current distribution feeder lines, together with the fact that a malignant eye tumor, involving a tract of brain tissue, occurred in a woman who had lived in a sixth dwelling, next to a third feeder line, surely suggested that there was a cancer cluster of some significance on Meadow Street.
Inserts are then placed one at a time into the open jacket from a series of side-by-side insert feeder lines.
Henning touched on a General Motors agglomeration research project to control porosity and use separate feeder lines for lime and fluorspar to control silicon.
The project involves the laying of pipelines, reticulation, testing and drilling of boreholes, ascertaining the yield of the boreholes, as well as connecting the feeder lines to the existing network and the main reservoir.
The new buses will be used on 24 feeder lines to the subway stations.
These include the tunnel between new Central Station and Stuttgart Airport (Filder tunnel), the new line between Stuttgart Airport and the new line Wendlingen-Ulm and the tunnel feeder lines with the existing line in the direction of Karlsruhe/Mannheim, as well as in the direction of Nrnberg including the new line Northern S-Bahn (line Feuerbach/ Bad Cannstatt).
In especially hard-hit areas, a number of high-voltage transmission lines and transmission poles have been downed by falling trees, with far more lower-voltage feeder lines and neighborhood service lines also damaged or downed by falling trees and tree limbs.
Tenders are invited for Work of shifting of exisiting 300mm dia MS pipeline and 150mm and 100mm dia DI feeder lines by providing and laying of 300mm dia MS pipe line and 150, 100mm dia DI pipelines to facilities the construction of Anjanapura Metro station, near Konankunte Signal Kanakapura main road coming under ISRO layout s/s of AEES-1 sub division.