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Italian filmmaker (1920-1993)


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the Winter 1987 Selection of the History Book Club which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize); The Cinema of Federico Fellini (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992.
In a chat with Mother Jones creative director Tim J Luddy, editor Michel Choquette explains why the collection is only now seeing the light of day, despite the inclusion of work by artists like Federico Fellini.
Jennifer Bardi quotes Federico Fellini as saying, "Trust your instincts; then your mistakes will be your own.
La credibilidad que el director italiano Federico Fellini atribuia a una medium, el insoportable olor corporal de Charles Chaplin, la acusacion a Orson Welles de un asesinato que nunca llego a demostrarse, o la pelicula erotica con la que Francis Ford Coppola debuto en la gran pautalla, tambien aparecen reflejadas.
In previous years, awards have been given to Federico Fellini, Werner Herzog, Samuel Beckett, Ingmar Bergman, Harold Pinter and other entertainment greats.
Tony and revival Tony awards notwithstanding, "Nine" does not do full justice to the complex if self-centered dynamo at the heart of the 1963 Federico Fellini film, "8-1/2.
Trajan's Market, a large complex of ruins overlooking the Roman forum in the city center, hosts on its walls pictures of Italian icons like filmmaker Federico Fellini, sitting at the dinner table with actor Anthony Quinn and his wife Giulietta Masina, or foreign stars like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall on a runway at Rome's airport.
The movie features a script by Federico Fellini and stars Aldo Fabrizi and Anna Magnani.
Activities include six events dedicated to renowned directors, with an event dedicated to Italian director Federico Fellini that includes the screening of 15 of his movies, in edition to events dedicated to British director Stanley Kubrick with 10 of his most important movies, German director Fritz Lang with 11 of his movies, Russian Director Nikita Mikhalkov with 7 of his movies, and American director Sydney Pollack with 15 of his movies.
Famed director Federico Fellini (1920-1993) spent hours at a time in his studios recording, mixing, and editing music, voices, and numerous sound effects for his films, but his cinematic sound techniques have largely been ignored by researchers and biographers.
The caricature is of Giulietta Masina, the wife of Italian director Federico Fellini, who played the central character in Fellini's most famous film, "La Strada," released in 1954.
Mohsen and Samira have both received UNESCO's Federico Fellini medal for their films.
Reaction from London, Paris and Copenhagen - where a Bergman acolyte, director Bille August, compared him to Akira Kurosawa and Federico Fellini - underscored the international influence of the man who directed Fanny And Alexander and Scenes From a Marriage.
Pero fue en las peliculas de Federico Fellini donde Rota alcanzo momentos memorables, en muchos de los cuales imagen y sonido se fusionaban, produciendo un profundo efecto en el espectador.
Concentrandosi su i suoi film piu famosi e nello stesso tempo piu significativi per diversi aspetti di gender, come Il bell'Antonio, Divorzio all'italiana oppure Una giornata particolare, e sulla collaborazione con Federico Fellini e Sophia Loren, Reich analizza nei capitoli seguenti le varie rappresentazioni dell'inetto nei caratteri di Mastroianni: "Italian masculinity, with its cultural associations with Ancient Rome, Renaissance sculpture, and the Latin lover, has been widely seen as the masculine ideal of Western civilization.