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a member of a former political party in the United States that favored a strong centralized federal government

an advocate of federalism

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The Federalist Papers is a series of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay between Oct.
But Pickering was a district, not a Supreme Court, judge (in New Hampshire, incidentally) and the issues weren't his Federalist opinions but drunkenness and profanity on the bench.
Sentence structure becomes a vehicle to encode Federalist ambitions and initiatives and to respond to the pervasive negativity of his opponents with a persuasive formal subtlety.
Reform leader Manning was clearly hostile to having Quebeckers negotiating with Quebeckers over the fate of Canada when Western Canadians had been frozen out of the federalist referendum campaign.
A shaky central government's failure to wrest control from rival militias and provide security in most parts of Libya, and even over parts of Tripoli, only feeds federalist ambitions.
The federalists say they are not separatists and only want a bigger role and better distribution of wealth.
We are excited to have the University of Florida chapter hosting our annual student symposium for the first time," said Eugene Meyer, Federalist Society president and CEO.
When I was in law school, it seemed that the Federalist Society had won the argument by standing for the first principle, the tradition of judicial restraint.
He also mentioned other parties securing seats in the elections and their respective positions and contributions to the federalist politics in Pakistan.
Henry warned us to guard the Second Amendment as if our lives depended on it because if the Federalists got that one, they'd get them all, like Indians stripped of their Second Amendment rights, stripped of their land, and the genocide of the Trail of Tears.
The goal of American govern-ment--at least according to the Federalist authors of the Constitution--is not to enact the spur-of-the-moment popular will, even if widely held, but rather to restrain and delay that impulse so that there is time to reflect on and consider its worth.
Notwithstanding Federalist promises during ratification,
A federalist demonstrator by the name of Fawzi el-Zoueri was reported saying that the National Assembly has a week to respond to their demands when the entire eastern region will gather in protest to demand the withdrawal of confidence from their representatives, and demand a referendum to start the process of autonomy.
That contest pitted Federalist incumbent John Adams against Republican Vice President Thomas Jefferson in a horserace that ended in an electoral vote tie between Jefferson and his Republican running mate, Aaron Burr.
The Spy, founded by Isaiah Thomas in 1775, had for years been staunchly Federalist.