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The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia did not continue the personality and treaty membership of the former Yugoslavia, and thus specifically, it was not bound by the Genocide Convention until it acceded to that Convention (with a reservation to Article IX) in March 2001.
During the Bosnian conflict, for instance, a six-nation Contact Group, (31) prompted the Security Council to impose a comprehensive arms embargo on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
But in addition to that, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has been the subject to sanctions from the western powers for close to ten years and its infrastructure was badly hurt through NATO's intense bombardment over 78 days in 1999.
More specifically, MEPs approved the proposal for a Council Decision on the Community contribution to the International Fund for the clearing of the Danube riverbed channel (COM(2000)317) - Consultation Procedure, without report), a riverbed channel encumbered by the rubble of the bridges destroyed by the NATO air strikes on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), between March and June 1999 during the Kosovo war.
The federal government currently maintains economic and trade sanctions against several countries, including Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Burma (Myanmar), the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), Syria, Afghanistan's Taliban organization and Angola's UNITA party.
More than 1,500 of these were from people from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which includes Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, while 625 were from Somalis.
The two most dangerous killing fields were in Sierra Leone, where nine journalists were murdered, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, where seven were killed.
Extensive ethnic conflict within the Kosovo region of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and an organized bombing campaign by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization led to mass population displacement in 1998 and early 1999.
Allied commander Lieutenant General Sir Michael Jackson said: "I can confirm that General Marjanovic and General Stevanovic have signed the agreement on behalf of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and that I have signed on behalf of Nato.
It says: "Forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia have harassed, humiliated, and degraded Kosovo Albanian civilians through physical and verbal abuse.
participation in NATO military operations against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia," the resolution declared, ".
I doubt that any regime in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) would survive if it were forced to give up its serious concern for such a large number of Serbs in the territories that have seceded.
The government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, acting through the Federal Ministry of Health and/or the Ministry of Health of Serbia, seized control of ICN Yugoslavia in February 1999, significantly reducing the company's equity ownership of the joint venture.
The Panel of Judges of Section I for War Crimes at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the criminal case against the accused Slobodan KaragiA, having held a public trial, delivered a judgment finding the accused Slobodan KaragiA guilty of the criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians under Article 142(1) of the Criminal Code of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (CC SFRY), and in Section 2.
The major events of 2015 also include the fourth meeting of the Standing Joint Committee of high representatives of successor states to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which met in Sarajevo in November after a six-year deadlock, at which high representatives unanimously issued twelve recommendations to government to enable faster and more effective resolution of contentious issues.
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