Federal Aviation Agency

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an agency in the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the safety of civilian aviation

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Federal aviation agency spokesman Sergei Izvolsky said the pilot received signals all three engines had cut out at an altitude of 29,855ft and requested an emergency landing.
They weren't UFOs, according to the Federal Aviation Agency.
He worked many years for the Federal Aviation Agency in Washington DC.
The North American Air Defense Command and the Federal Aviation Agency have integrated their air traffic control system, allowing NORTHCOM to monitor domestic civilian aircraft.
Mexico's federal aviation agency (Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil, DGAC) has ordered regional airline Aerocalifornia to suspend operations because of safety-related concerns.
The X-Hawk is based on all proven, off-the-shelf certified technology, meaning the engines are already Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) certified, and have been up and running in other helicopters.
In October 1985, the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) awarded Aviation Specialists, Inc.
The effective launch of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is encouraged as a counterweight to the all powerful Federal Aviation Agency (FAA).
Although it is part of the Homeland Security Department, the law creating TSA gives it the same exemptions from the Federal Acquisition Regulation as the Federal Aviation Agency has.
A does not have a Federal Aviation Agency Part 135 license (which is apparently necessary to lease the airplanes to the general public).
Nasdaq:SSPX), a provider of solutions and services that secure access control and real-time movement of financial transactions and other valued digital content, has announced a Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) order for secure remote access systems for its Aviation Security Research and Development Division.
Considering that the Federal Aviation Agency has never seemed to care about much except boosting airlines' profits, that's a pretty daunting prospect.
com does something similar with the Federal Aviation Agency.
1) The Aviation Act is "a federal law that created the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) which is responsible for regulation of aviation including aircraft safety, aircraft marking, etc.
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