Fedayeen Saddam

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a feared paramilitary unit formed in 1995 by young soldiers to serve Saddam Hussein against domestic opponents

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The news agency also published documents proving that the Manama regime is recruiting Fedayeen Saddam in its wide-scale attempt to suppress the popular uprising in the tiny Persian Gulf island.
Saddam reached an arrangement in this lawless region through ruthless enforcement by the Fedayeen Saddam and the Baath Party.
Likewise, members of the Fedayeen Saddam dressed in civilian clothes and even used pregnant women to conduct suicide bombings against U.S.
Italy has ``some fairly reliable intelligence information'' that the Fedayeen Saddam, the ousted leader's former paramilitary force, was responsible along with ``regrouped al-Qaida terrorists,''he said.
American forces have captured seven men in a series of raids in Iraq targeting members of the Fedayeen Saddam militia.
The US civilian administrator for Iraq, L Paul Bremer, has blamed attacks against US troops on four groups - loyalists of Saddam's Baath Party, the Fedayeen Saddam militia, members of the ousted and once- feared security forces and foreign terrorists.
He organized the Fedayeen Saddam, an army of pardoned criminals who terrorized and murdered their fellow Iraqis.
Commander of the Fedayeen Saddam forces, the 38-year-old's penchant for torture, corruption, high living and sex was well known.
The enemy in the city is a mix of Iraqi regulars and the dangerous Fedayeen Saddam ("those ready to sacrifice themselves for Saddam").
Fedayeen Saddam and other paramilitary groups played a larger role, proved more difficult to combat and gave the allied forces some nasty surprises.
Rumsfeld said the coalition forces will capture senior Iraqi leaders and asked the Iraqi people to provide information about the names and faces of Iraq's ruling Baath party and Fedayeen Saddam paramilitary members.
Nor had they counted on Saddam Hussein to learn the lessons of the 1991 Gulf War; he had dispatched Iraqi experts and key figures among his murderous Fedayeen Saddam to learn the way in which Hizbollah drove the Israelis out of South Lebanon, and the tactics being used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to fight the Israelis to a stalemate in the Palestinian territories.
We will use any means to kill our enemy in our land and we will follow the enemy into its land." The driver - a suspected member of the Iraqi tyrant's fanatical Fedayeen Saddam militia - had pulled up at the checkpoint on Highway 9 and asked the men over for help.
Forces from the Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat), General Security (Amn Al Amm), the Military Bureau, Saddam's Commandos (Fedayeen Saddam), and the Baath Party are said to have murdered senior Shiite leaders, desecrated Shiite mosques and holy sites (particularly in the aftermath of the 1991 uprising), arrested tens of thousands of Shiites, interfered with their religious education, and prevented the performance of their religious rites.
He was knowledgeable in military matters as he had been a soldier in the Egyptian army, and he fought in the Iraq war with a group called Fedayeen Saddam.