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any federal law-enforcement officer

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When one made a kill he called the other, and thus they fed well and often.
In our recently performed experiments (Khattak et al., 2018), we found 15.75 kg, 43.56 kg and 0.331 kg/d of average birth weight, average weaning weight, and average weight gains, respectively, in Achai crossed Jersey calves when fed with milk replacer at 10% LBW.
Keywords: Bottle fed, Exclusively breast fed, Syringe feeding.
Probiotics help fight off sickness and help gut health, and studies have shown that birds fed fermented feed are less susceptible to salmonella and Campylobacter.
Researchers proposed that physical feed restriction at early age of birds for a short period may elicit compensatory growth, improved feed efficiency, reduced abdominal fat pad, and at market age restricted birds performed similar to full fed birds (Ibrahimet al., 2002;Najiet al., 2003).
Birds kept under IF system showed significantly (P less than 0.05) lower weight gain, feed consumption and water consumption but better feed utilization than those of continuous fed birds; whereas, the birds kept under FW system showed no difference regarding feed utilization than those kept under CF system.
Research by Provimi has revealed that laying hens show overconsumption (+5% to +10%) of nutrients when fed ad lib.
Policy geared towards bolstering the health of either one can come at the expense of the other and balancing the two in recent months has become an increasingly tenuous job for the Fed given the slowdown in the nation's housing market and the lingering economic impact of record energy prices.
The Fed has the power to expand or contract the money supply through various means, most of them opaque to the general public, thus adding to the institution's aura of mystery.
Thirty-nine saliva samples from intrathoracically infected mosquitoes that fed on a mouse were obtained by immobilization (legs and wings removed) and forced salivation into 10-[micro]L capillary tubes (VWR International, West Chester, PA, USA) containing immersion oil (type B, Cargille Laboratories Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ, USA).
Bush's National Economic Council, asserted that there was a stock-market bubble and that the Fed should prick it.
There are three ways the new Fed could improve its anti-inflation performance, which would also help bridge the gap between what the Fed sees and what workers often feel.
After acknowledging that the Fed would soon start to raise interest rates, Greenspan urged homeowners who had refinanced to lower fixed rates to refinance to ARMs, whose rates could only be adjusted in one direction--up.
Rubber-insulated wire and cable producers often find it necessary to just live with the inconveniences associated with strip fed materials.
* Over half of the feed produced was sold at the retail level, while 17 percent was sold wholesale; 15 percent was custom grind and mix; 9 percent was custom fed to others' animals; and 6 percent was fed to animals owned by the cooperative.