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F]or the even-number [of days, there is the] following month, named Februarius by the Latins, February by us, and [epsilon][lambda][alpha][phi][eta][beta]o[lambda]l[omega][nu] -- by the Athenians, who in this month hunted deer (you know that this is [epsilon][lambda][alpha][phi]o[xi]) in memory of Diana, their titular goddess, and in whose name the festivals were celebrated.
Mais les Latins ont deduit ce nom Februarius de Februum, signifiant entre les Sabins, la laine, les rameaux, & tout ce qui estoit necessaire aux sacrifices pour les purifications.
Januarius and Februarius were added by Numa Pompilius (c.
In an effort to overcome the discrepancy between the solar and the civic year, from 153 BC onwards the Romans intercalated an extra month called Mercedonius, which was twenty-seven days in length, and shortened Februarius to twenty-three or twenty-four days.
25 days, based on the Egyptian calendar but inserting an extra day every four years between Februarius 23rd or 24th.