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AME (kcal/kg) = [(Energy content of feed x feed intake) x (Energy contant of feaces x feaces lost)/(Energy content of feed x feed intake)]
In the adult birds in the case of chronic diseases anemia, depression, labored breathing and diarrhea causing adherence of feaces to the vent are frequently observed.
Infected animals with clinical signs shed the organism in feaces (Clarke et al., 1997, Stehman et al., 1996) and milk (Taylor et al., 1981), resulting in greater risk for other animals as well as human exposure (Gangadhararao et al., 2013)
2001: The diet of bar-tailed godwits Limosa lapponica in the Wadden Sea: combining visual observations and feaces analysis.
The jars used were cleaned daily bases such as removal of feaces and other unwanted material.
Camera traps were placed along trails or paths actively used by animals as evident from signs, such as, tracks, feeding signs, marking signs (spray, scrape), pug/hoof marks, digging signs, scats/ feaces and other signs.
Furthermore, phytate bounded undigested phosphorus is excreted through feaces in the ponds.
Poor Bet hed her cap an neckclath pood off, her noase brosen, an leakt like a mad thing; I wur fearful feard they mud hae hurt her or her barn; she hed brosen twea oa their noases, an peyld their feaces black an blue; an pood off heal handfuls of haar.
The present findings can be compared with those of Sinha and Wallace (1966), Tabassum and Ahmed (1989) and White and Jayas (1993) who reported the stored grain mites cause an increase in the moisture of stored grains because of their feaces content, fungal growth and other metabolism.
Before the desalination plant, the villagers of Amarika and Akutsima used to collect water from the traditional hand dug wells, which were contaminated with algae, feaces and parasites and because the salinity of the water increased during dry seasons, the availability of water quantity was depended on the last rain season.
Total nitrogen losses in feaces for rats fed casein, mucuna bean and basal diets ere.