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a specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)

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Sandeep Bhatia, DGM, Training Cell of FDDI told us that with Mewar University backing out, there is little chance that another university will give affiliation to FDDI," students said.
Through its real estate development and management partners and its tax credit administrator partners, the FDDI can provide site location and development assistance, and can also identify tax credits and other incentives to reduce costs and support franchises in a wide range of locations, including urban areas.
In most cases, removal of the existing FDDI system isn't necessary since most installations provided extra fiber pairs as backup for future growth.
When the first FDDI-based GR/CS system went into production in 1990, sources of off-the-shelf FDDI products were few, and there was little industry experience with FDDI.
A far more cost-effective approach, that requires no tax juggling to justify, is implementation of a Gigabit Ethernet switch that is compatible with the existing infrastructure, be it FDDI, ATM, or Fast Ethernet.
Switched Ethernet was an ideal solution to eliminate client congestion problems and provide faster access to the servers on the high-speed FDDI LAN.
Northeastern University in Boston, in the midst of an ambitious program to update the premises wiring for all its campus buildings, has settled on the Level 5 data grade UTP in anticipation of FDDI.
Onet, of Cambridge, Mass., announced two initial offerings: a 12-port LANBoster 2000 Ethernet switch and the 5000 modular Ethernet switch, which can scale to 48 ports and support FDDI, fast Ethernet and ATM uplinks.
A router is located between the FDDI rings, controlling data traffic and allowing ring cross-over only when necessary.
FDDI, or fiber distributed data interface, technology has been around for several years, but only recently has it received much attention from users.
To get the neede bandwidth, Amoco looked at several options, one of which was FDDI.
With its connection-oriented service and fixed cell lengths, ATM differs from conventional LANs, such as those based on Ethernet, token ring and FDDI. The most marked difference, though, lies in the way the LAN bandwidth is allocated.
We need 99.9% reliability, which is why we are looking at standard purpose networks such as FDDI," says Gagnon.