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Synonyms for falsetto

high voice


  • high voice
  • high-pitched voice

Words related to falsetto

a male singing voice with artificially high tones in an upper register

artificially high

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(120.) See, e.g., Richard Fausset, Tempers Flare over Removal of
Fausset's piece was slammed for normalizing Hovater too much.
The entire universe has agreed that The New York Times did a terrible thing a few days ago in running Richard Fausset's portrait of a young Nazi from the Ohio suburbs named Tony Hovater, but I have to confess that, regardless of the universe and its opinions, I learned something from the piece.
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Conservative Baptist churches have also come forward with welcoming and sheltering refugees; see Fausset, Richard and Alan Blinder, "Resettled Syrians Find Solace With Christians: Religious Conservatives Put Politics Aside and Rush to Welcome Refugees," The New York Times (September 7, 2016).
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Under the headline "North Carolina Limits on Transgender Rights Appear Headed for Repeal, " Richard Fausset wrote for the New York Times online edition for December 19:
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Grampy's books "My grandfather was the writer and poet Hugh I'Anson Fausset. I buy his old books when they come up on eBay."