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a tumor consisting of fatty tissue

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Sudden growth and/or change in appearance of a fatty tumor (or any mass for that matter) should prompt reassessment to determine the best course of action.
Another type of benign tumor often seen in people with FMEN1 is a plum-sized, fatty tumor called a lipoma, which grows under the skin.
On imaging studies, the radiologic appearance of dedifferentiated liposarcoma reflects the histologic coexistence of a well-delineated fatty tumor and a closely apposed nonlipomatous mass.
This rare, malignant fatty tumor usually does not metastasize (spread to other parts of the body) although it can be aggressive and fast-growing.
11) Type I or "lucent" consists of a fatty tumor with no ossification.
The pathologic description of liposarcoma is attributed to Virchow, who first reported this malignant fatty tumor in 1857.
In patients with fatty tumors, a high fat content can help distinguish these entities.
10,11] In 1970, D as Gupta [12] definitively divided benign fatty tumors into three main categories: sporadic lipoma, FML, and MSL.
Our study also analyzed that benign fatty tumors can be reliably diagnosed on plain CT scan based on CT numbers of fat density without any need of endoscopy or surgery for histopathology.
She had some fatty tumors (presumably benign), and Elwood reported later that these had disappeared after two weeks on the Therapy.