Junipero Serra

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Spanish missionary who founded Franciscan missions in California (1713-1784)

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Father Serra saw all this space as a clean slate--never mind the people already living there--and thought, yes, I can do something with that.
By 1777 Father Serra had founded eight more missions and by 1797, 1,400 conversions had taken place at San Diego de Alcala, the mission held over 50,000 acres of land and grew corn, wheat, barley, beans, peas and wine-producing vines while owning 20,000 sheep, 10,000 cattle and 1,250 horses.
Meanwhile, Father Serra sang a high mass in San Diego and raised a wooden cross at the site of the first mission in Alta California.
Although her quest for knowledge doesn't sit well with Father Serra (Alfredo Sevilla) and the other friars of the mission, they put up with it since her father, a duke, is a bigwig in the Spanish court.
Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, the trails of Father Serra and Geronimo.
They'd been left out of our Southern California high school textbooks to make room for Richfield Oil and the colonialist/Indian-basher Father Serra.
Father Serra was a hero to us and to his mission Indians; the fourth grade trip to the Los Angeles County Museum showed an upright Tyrranosaurus Rex; Latin was a required subject; and I had parts in Shakespeare's Richard II and Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis in high school.
His prose works include De Soto and the Conquistadores (1930), The Odyssey of Francis Xavier (1936), The Crown and the Cross: A Biography of Thomas Cromwell (1950), and The Long Road of Father Serra (1954).
Monti also was active in the parish of Father Serra Catholic Church in Quartz Hill.
This barbecue center in Napa, California, looks as if it could have been used by Father Serra himself.
Saturday at Father Serra Catholic Church's parish hall, 42121 60th St.
Larry Flores, guardian of the Father Serra Catholic Church in Quartz Hill, noted that the Benedictine cross is noted for its use in exorcising demons.
QUARTZ HILL - After a multimillion-dollar parish fund-raising campaign and 2 1/2 years since the groundbreaking, Father Serra Parish will dedicate on Saturday the Antelope Valley's first new Catholic church in decades.
QUARTZ HILL - A funeral Mass for Ray Monti, deputy superintendent of the Antelope Valley Union High School District, will be held Thursday at Father Serra Catholic Church.
QUARTZ HILL - Nearly 500 mourners packed Father Serra Church on Tuesday for the funeral Mass for the Rev.