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SIDON, Lebanon: Fatah Revolutionary Council member Khaled Aref called Tuesday on Palestinian factions to organize and control their arms in coordination with the Lebanese Army and security authorities, describing such a move as a way to "ensure stability" in the country's refugee camps.
In another development, the Fatah Revolutionary Council has approved the decision of sacking Mohammed Dahlan from the movement, a senior Fatah official said Thursday.
Amin Maqbool, Fatah revolutionary council member, said the Hamas government "is basically illegal and not recognized.
His Fatah Revolutionary Council, which broke away from the Palestine Liberation Organisation in 1974, rejected any accommodation with Israel.
He founded the militant Fatah Revolutionary Council after breaking from the Palestine Liberation Organisation in 1974, complaining it was too moderate.
PNN Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday night at a meeting with the Fatah Revolutionary Council in Ramallah that he would put to a referendum any agreement reached with Israel before implementation, JPost reported.
Such schemes wwill fail and will be encountered by the Palestinian people and its leadership, who will only accept a full-sovereignty country according to 1967 borders, Abbas said at the opening of Fatah Revolutionary Council meetings.
The daily said that the investigative committee will now include nine after members from Fatah Revolutionary Council were added to it, in a move, which is one of a kind.
We must hold ourselves to account over what happened," Abbas told a meeting of the Fatah Revolutionary Council late Tuesday, according to an official who attended.
Amin Makboul, Secretary General of Fatah Revolutionary Council said that Abbas is the movement's only candidate for the coming presidential elections.
Arafat quickly had him elected to the Fatah Revolutionary Council, Fatah's elite decision-making body.
Fatah Revolutionary Council member, Dimitri Diliani, said that the al-Ka'abneh families have been suffering for a long time, since the establishment of Atarot settlement industrial zone and the Apartheid wall on the village's land.
Fatah Revolutionary Council will discuss in its meeting scheduled next week
The Abu Nidal Organization (ANO), also known as the Fatah Revolutionary Council claimed responsibility of the crime.
Amin Maqboul, a member of Fatah Revolutionary Council, said: "There are clear instructions from the higher leadership of Fatah that the dialogue must succeed in the larger interest of the people.