typographical error

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a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

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The bank has been asked to pay a fine of AUD30,000 by regulators for a fat-finger trading error that caused the share price of the stock of Fantastic Corporation to plunge by 99 percent.
If I fat-finger the fix on my Garmin 496 and a deal results, what do I say to the inspector when he calls?
It depended upon somebody on the ground who could get you a very finite set of coordinates, and somebody in the airplane who could fat-finger them in a very precise way to make sure you didn't make a mistake there.
NanoSpeed CTO, Sanjay Shah, said, "Launching our high-speed LSE solution will now allow market participants to perform critical risk checks, such as fat-finger and client-specific checks (for DMA), faster than ever before.
CON men are registering web addresses that are just one or two letters different from popular websites to exploit so-called fat-finger errors.