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inexpensive food (hamburgers or chicken or milkshakes) prepared and served quickly

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While the kosher Subway stores are open fewer hours than a typical fastfood restaurant, they typically do sales as much as 25% higher.
RELAXING tunes are being played at a Coventry fastfood restaurant to help tackle young troublemakers.
The admission followed an incident when the Home Secretary went in to a fastfood restaurant in Peckham, South London, to buy a kebab.
Harlan Ellison satirically chronicles one man's quest for enlightenment, which ends in a spiritual fastfood restaurant at the top of the world.
The pair happily run a fastfood restaurant until one of them decides he wants to become an actor.
PLANS for a McDonald's fastfood restaurant as part of a pounds 20m redevelopment of an industrial eyesore in north Cardiff have been dropped after opposition from residents.
That all-American, mainstream fastfood restaurant has used the once homeless basketball star in a regional ad campaign, a campaign, says a top company executive, that was born out of consumer demand.
A nearby fastfood restaurant provided cookies and juice for our picnic lunch.
fastfood restaurant in Spokane, a restaurant in Minnesota, and three restaurants in Northwest Arkansas.
Congress is not a fastfood restaurant,' she said, alluding to a popular local fast-food chain.
THINK working in a fastfood restaurant is a deadend job?
Sarah McLean, who runs the fastfood restaurant in Queens Road, Nuneaton, said: "Nuneaton has such a lovely park, it is great that we are able to help to keep it looking that way.
It sits behind a fastfood restaurant and a snack bar in Ayr Road in the village.
However, he was arrested outside a fastfood restaurant in the Waterside area of Derry on Friday night while he was in the city to see his three children.
Burger King is the second largest fastfood restaurant operator in the United States with about 8,500 outlets.