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inexpensive food (hamburgers or chicken or milkshakes) prepared and served quickly

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In this latest study, Purtell and her team wanted to determine whether fastfood consumption affects how well a child does in school, Medical News Today reported.
based fastfood giant is proud to be part of the Australian community.
Husband Ali says that the family eats fastfood at least once a week.
The sandwich giant retailer, which has long touted itself as a healthier alternative to some other fastfood chains, already has eleven outlets across the country, six of which are located in the capital.
For November 25-December 31, 2005, the busiest shopping season of the year, we call on ethically responsible people across the world to "Break the Chains" of self-destructive consumerism by boycotting Wal-Mart and other national and international chain stores, fastfood restaurants, corporate coffeehouses, and products bearing the logos of the multinational Brand Name Bullies.
Permits schools to sell commercial fastfood lunches just once a week;
The fastfood giant claims the Brisbane Irish logo contravenes its intellectual property rights and has asked the Australian Trademarks Office to order its removal.
Being on the road typically mandates dining at fastfood joints and snacking on gas station fare--not very appealing to the health-conscious stomach.
PLANS for a McDonald's fastfood restaurant as part of a pounds 20m redevelopment of an industrial eyesore in north Cardiff have been dropped after opposition from residents.
The riddle of their provenance, then, was hardly a riddle at all, since what united this "extraordinary assemblage of rare ethnographic and reliquary fetish objects" was a consistent, if backhanded, reference to a well-known fastfood outlet.
The company plans to set up its Sasoku Print stations in mobile-phone shops, fastfood restaurants, family restaurants, convenience stores, game centers, shopping centers, train stations, CD/videorental shops, movie theaters, theme parks, bookstores, Internet cafes, drugstores and more.
fastfood chains like Wendy's and McDonalds are shutting outlets in Latin America, a consultant specializing in franchises in the region gives the idea a thumbs up.
With our out-of-town malls, fastfood outlets, cosmetic dentistry and now donuts, we are slowly turning into a little America.
For every dollar spent, the RTE cereal and other breakfast foods provided more energy, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, and protein than the fastfood items; the "other" breakfast foods provided more total and saturated fat per dollar than the fastfood and RTE cereal breakfasts; and the RTE cereals provided more folic acid, iron, niacin, vitamins A and D, and zinc than the other two breakfast meals.