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Fasciola hepatica and lymnaeid snails occurring at very high altitude in South America.
-- -- -- Giardia lamblia 57 (6,31%) 25 (2,76%) 28 (3,10%) Ancilostomideos -- -- -- Ancylostoma braziliense -- -- -- Ascaris lumbricoides 3 (0,33%) 1 (0,11%) 5 (0,55%) Enterobius vermiculares 1 (0,11%) 1 (0,11%) -- Trichuris trichiura -- 1 (0,11%) -- Trichocephalus trichiurus 1 (0,11%) 2 (0,22%) 3 (0,33%) Fasciola hepatica -- -- -- Hymenolepis nana 1 (0,11%) 3 (0,33%) 1 (0,11%) Taenia sp.
(2007) reported 28.75% prevalence of Fasciola (F.) hepatica in goats which is much higher than the present study.
Diagnosis was based on the detection of Fasciola hepatica or Schistosoma mansoni eggs in stool samples.
Prevalence of gastrointestinal nematodes and Fasciola hepatica in sheep in the northwest of Spain: Relation to climatic conditions and/or man-made environmental modifications.
Singh [17] reported anthelmintic activity of chlorophyllin against different larval stages of Fasciola gigantica.
Exposures of juvenile mussels to 100% concentration of the brine discharge water caused 100% and 40% mortality in Lampsilis fasciola and Lampsilis ovata (Say, 1817), respectively, and mortality was attributed to concentrations of Cl and Na; the dilution EC50 during brine water exposures for Villosa iris was 68% (Wang et al.
In this study, experiments were carried out for the first trials to show anti-parasitic activity of Calligonum comosum in the treatment of Fasciola spp., and comparison between the plant extracts and drug (TCBZ) that found in the market and used commonly for fascioliasis treatment.
Parasitic Liver Fluke Fasciola hepatica from sheep and cattle causes disease in macropods.
Fasciola hepatica es un parasito natural de los rumiantes y el agente causal de la fasciolosis.
Comparative study of the spatial relationship between nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase activity, serotonin immunoreactivity, and GYIRFamide immunoreactivity and the musculature of the adult liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica (Digenea, fasciolidae).
Some of the roundworms are hook worms which contains ancylostoma species other are trichenella, strongyloides and ascaries whereas flatworms are generally flukes but the most prevailing are schistosoma and fasciola species and contains scistosoma hematobium and fasciola hepatica respectively.
Fasciola hepaticus is due to a trematode found in fresh water plants, occurring relatively commonly in developing countries.