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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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The absence of the posterior rectus sheath below the arcuate line and a weak fascia transversalis resisting intra-abdominal pressure predisposes to the development of hernias.
Presently, technique for laparoscopic hernia repair has comes from Stoppa's concept of pre-peritoneal reinforcement of fascia transversalis over the myopectineal orifice with prosthetic mesh.
Earl Shouldice in 1953 modified Bassini's repair and popularized a 4-layer closure through a special continuous suturing technique and doubling the fascia transversalis.
A direct sac was always pushed back and an indirect sac ligated at its neck by absorbable (vicryl) no; 1 suture and then excised 1 cm distal to the ligature, and the fascia transversalis repaired with no; 1 loosely wound continuous prolene sutures.
The mesh also needs to be folded similar to laparoscopic techniques to introduce it into the preperitoneal space through the defect in the fascia transversalis.