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a congenital medical condition in which body deformation occurs or facial development or mental ability is impaired because the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy

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In the presented study, in the group of women with endometriosis, the level of the Fas receptor was statistically higher than that in the control group.
Northwestern Medicine scientists have demonstrated that cancer cells -- and not normal cells -- can be killed by eliminating either the FAS receptor, also known as CD95, or its binding component, CD95 ligand.
Denecker et al., "Dual signaling of the Fas receptor: initiation of both apoptotic and necrotic cell death pathways," The Journal of Experimental Medicine, vol.
The Fas receptor exists in two forms; one form is anchored to the plasma membrane, whereas the other is soluble (sFas).
Ceramide enables the Fas receptor to cluster to increase Fas-mediated apoptosis [153] and to modulate Fas receptor activation [72].
Various methods to inhibit apoptosis including the cell surface Fas receptor pathway inhibitors, caspase inhibitors, over-expression of anti-apoptotic genes and small interfering ribonucleic acid therapy are discussed.
Balatti et al., "Disruption of Fas receptor signaling by nitric oxide in eosinophils," Journal of Experimental Medicine, vol.
The results of these studies also suggest the inhibition of NF-kB activation, the suppression of anti-apoptotic proteins, such as IAP, c-FLIP, Akt kinase, and the initiation of extrinsic pathway of apoptosis by induction of TRAIL and Fas receptor stimulation in cancer cells.
M2 PHARMA-May 16, 2012-Amorfix develops antibodies which bind to misfolded Fas receptor protein for potential treatment of cancer(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
In this paper, we describe the extrinsic pathway which are activated by death receptors like the tumour necrosis factor receptor (Fas receptor -APO-1 or CD95) that belongs to TNF receptor super family [8].
Led by Stefan Riedl, Ph.D., the study pointed out how protein-protein interactions between Fas receptor and Fas-associated death domain protein (FADD) mechanistically control DISC formation.
Fas ligand and Fas receptor are coexpressed in normal 25.
Fas ligand was significantly decreased levels following 15 and 30 minutes stimulation; Fas receptor decreased at all time points.
Markedly improved survival was also observed when a Fas receptor fusion protein was injected subcutaneously 12 hours after CLP to act as a decoy for FasL binding.
After ligand binding, Fas receptor oligomerization results in the activation of caspase-8, which is upstream of caspase-3, causing the activation of apoptosis (Haunstetter and Izumo 1998).