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Synonyms for Farsi

a person of Iranian descent

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the language of Persia (Iran) in any of its ancient forms

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Summary: CyMBC PersiaCO brings global movies to Farsi speaking movie enthusiasts 24/7 blockbusters with full Farsi subtitles on Nilesat and Arabsat starting July 9 2008 at 1130 GMT
Meanwhile, Raisi defeated Farsi 3-0 to clinch the third place in the men's category.
As for why the store is closing, Khalili said, "The new generation does not speak Farsi, does not read Farsi." In addition, he said: "I rent.
Currently, out of 66% of the Farsi speaking population that receives satellite channels at home, 60% opt for Yahlive services.
"Our aim is to set up state-of-the-art MSW Transfer Stations as well as controlled landfill sites," Al Farsi added.
"Hardware in every solar panel has some nominal efficiency, but there should be some appropriate controller that can get maximum power out of solar panels," said Farsi.
Farsi, 21, a resident of Quriyat said he worked on the project after seeing environment problems due to the usage of plastics.
The claim that the US Navy communicates with Iran in Farsi, thus proving "Iran's authority" in the Persian Gulf is a new assertion.
JEDDAH: The man credited with transforming Jeddah into an "open-air museum," its former mayor Mohammed Said Farsi, died on Tuesday in Paris.
The opening was concurrent with the start of the new academic year and was participated by Iranian cultural attache in Baku Asghar Farsi, instructors and students of the center.
Israel is seeking to expand its pool of experts in the Farsi language and policies of its long-time foe Iran, through a project of a retired Israeli general who has found a new calling in the classroom.
The Farsi-language channel joins, via Yahlive's partner North Telecom, 107 exclusive free-to-air Farsi channels out of a total 125 in the bouquet.
Likewise, they believe the legal codification of the word Dari instead of Farsi is a reference to the local Persian dialect.
However, it has never been performed in Farsi, his own language.
Dubai: A television station dedicated to Farsi speakers began on Wednesday to broadcast live from Haj premises.