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a Scandinavian language (closely related to Icelandic) that is spoken on the Faroe Islands

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(10) I would like to recall from Section 1 above that I assume the more general idea that V-to-T applies in the older stages of Germanic languages, and then disappears in their modern periods (arguably with the exceptions of Icelandic, Yiddish, or the original Faroese language).
Icelandic is, together with Yiddish and the vernacular Faroese language, a language with rich agreement morphology (in the classical sense of rich person/number features).
However, the vernacular or original Faroese language has the same morphology though it has V-to-T (as argued by Heycock & Sorace (2006), or Thrainsson (2010) among many others).
Finally, the cited analysis is implemented on OE, the more general idea being for both Romance and Germanic languages to have been V-to-T from their oldest periods, but for Germanic languages to have stopped being V-to-T in their early modern periods (except arguably for Icelandic, Yiddish, and the vernacular Faroese language).
I pass one house where a group of islanders are singing traditional Faroese folk songs (these songs preserved the Faroese language for hundreds of years while it was outlawed under Danish rule); the next has Steps singing their latest release over the radio.