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distillery where wine is made


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Brian Bates Farmer hoped to produce and sell wine at a farm winery to be called "Bates on Yates," but his "farm" was only 1.86 acres and was zoned Residential-Conservation as part of a regulatory plan to protect the Occoquan Watershed.
Brendan Byrne signed the New Jersey Farm Winery Act, which rolled back Prohibition-era legislation that only allowed a single winery license per every 1 million residents.
Starting at 8 a.m., join area cyclists for a 20-mile social and training ride that begins at Keystone Technologies in Eureka and follows a scenic route before ending at Old Farm Winery to join the party.
Huber's Orchard Farm Winery is another agritourism destination that the whole family will enjoy.
The state Farm Winery Act of 1978 allows Connecticut farm wineries to ship to in-state retail stores and consumers, Haight said.
And neither Four Chimneys Farm Winery in Himrod, New York nor Fetzer uses any animal products in its wines, including bull's blood, gelatin or eggwhites, although these are all FDA-approved additives.
For Merlot, try the '92s by Sunstone Vineyards and Winery or Buttonwood Farm Winery, says Ostini.
I follow Adams (1985: 537) in calling this specialist organizational form a "farm winery." Most definitions of boutique or chateau or farm wineries involve an indicator of size.
Rusty Tractor's small farm winery permit will allow it to sell wine on Sundays.
Sagami's Dream Red Label, the flagship red of Sagami Dream Farm winery in Kanagawa, is produced using the locally grown "Fuji's Dream" grape variety.
Existing vineyards must have at least 3 acres of grapevines producing grapes for use by a Virginia farm winery in order to be eligible for the cost-share of $3,000 per acre.
The Massachusetts Farm Winery Growers Association, established in 2007, is the first farm wineries group in the state to effectively organize members from across the state into a body capable of coordinating economic and political action.
Two new wineries came on line in 2007, Chateau de Pique Winery in Seymour and Stream Cliff Farm Winery in Commiskey Four more are gearing up to open this spring: Wildcat Creek Winery, Lafayette; River City Winery, New Albany; Indian Creek Winery, Georgetown; and Best Vineyards Winery, Elizabeth.
Moreover, utilizing a Georgia-specific classification known as a farm winery, Shezmu Cellars will be opening with a taproom and bar featuring 40 draft beer taps serving craft beer from all over the southeast.
24 granted a farm winery license to the Grape Discovery Center in Westfield, N.Y.