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Synonyms for infrared

the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum

electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves

having or employing wavelengths longer than light but shorter than radio waves

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Since water is a good absorber in the far infrared, these studies were executed on samples which were only 1-[micro]m thick.
Brazil - born Raquel Mullen originally used the far infrared heat therapy system to help keep herself trim while on holiday in her homeland two years ago.
We have treated far infrared ray around chests for 15 minutes (40-42) after they rest in bed.
The Night Vision System uses images obtained from two far infrared cameras positioned in the lower section of the front bumper to detect the position and movement of heat-emitting objects and determine whether they are in or approaching the vehicle's path.
Two bonnet-mounted cameras obtain a visual image based on the 'far infrared' radiation emitted by humans and other objects.
Far infrared is defined as the region of the spectrum extending from 25 [micro]m to 200 [micro]m.
The dust tends to quench visible and ultraviolet light emitted by stars and reradiate it in the far infrared. The expansion of the universe shifts the far-infrared radiation from distant galaxies to longer, submillimeter wavelengths.
Measuring the redshift of these galaxies requires observing in far infrared.
With Vital Dome, more people can benefit from the most advanced and most natural beauty and wellness maintenance machine that uses Far Infrared (a vital radiation of the sun), which is the ultimate, most natural, and essential factor for body rejuvenating and healing.
The Jacuzzi[R] brand sauna line will include the Sanctuary[TM] Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna models and the Premier[TM] Far Infrared Sauna models.
Supply and commissioning of a vacuum Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, operating in the near to far infrared, in combination with a microscope for micro-spectrometry in the near to far infrared, on behalf of the Department of Solid State Sciences (WE04) of Ghent University.
Among the topics are the adsorption of inorganic nitrogen and the effect of microbe action in saturated soil, the effect of attapulgite and carbon black on the properties of natural rubber, electric dipole characteristics of mineral tourmaline superfine powders and its properties of far infrared emission, mechanisms and performance analysis of easy cleaning ceramics, preparing sericite nanoflakes by the exfoliation of wet ultra-fine grinding, synthesizing a potassium ionic sieve membrane and its selectivity to potassium ions in seawater, evaluating thermal insulation properties in fibrous mineral fine powders, and the university education of intellectual property for innovation talents of science and technology in functional material industry.
said Thursday it will voluntarily recall 4,711 units in four models of its Enseki far infrared heaters it sold between 1995 and 2000 as they may belch out smoke or catch fire.
The far infrared doesn't end until submillimeter or millimeter waves, sometimes defined as starting around 100, 300, or 1,000 microns.
These images prove that Herschel enables a giant leap forward in scientists' ability to study celestial objects at far infrared wavelengths.