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something existing solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality)

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The fantasy world of The Witchlands begins near the end of a twenty-year peace agreement among the warring nations of Cartorra, Marstok, and Dalmotti.
I have since left my job to create my idealized fantasy world full time.
I have this feeling about Ms Rowling, who having created a wonderful fantasy world of wizards and whirly- gigs, is now trying to create a new JK Rowling - one a million miles from the plain, shy woman she was before.
Asheron's Call is a critically acclaimed franchise that brings thousands of players together within dynamic, ever evolving online fantasy worlds.
It was evident in the traditional nihonga painting in which Murakami himself was trained (to PhD level) and in the ukiyo-e prints of Hiroshige; it pervaded the fantasy worlds of manga and anime; and it informed the work of a new generation of artists, illustrators, designers, and animators whose products were showcased in the "Superflat" exhibition that toured America.
The programming could range from small animations, quizzes or trivia that can be plugged into World Wide Web pages, to highly detailed documentaries or full-fledged fantasy worlds, Kirbach said.
With more than 430,000 active subscribers, EverQuest is one of the largest fantasy worlds ever created online.
Wildstorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics, will publish EverQuest comic books, one-shots and graphic novels based on one of the largest fantasy worlds ever created.
Continuing to grow with top-selling expansions The Ruins of Kunark(TM) and The Scars of Velious(TM), EverQuest proves to be one of the largest fantasy worlds ever created online.
Jim Lee, editor director, Wildstorm Productions, "Being a dedicated EverQuest fan for quite some time, I'm confident that we can deliver a compelling fantasy world that will please EverQuest players and comic book fans alike.
In the online medieval fantasy worlds built by Simutronics, players create richly detailed characters and interact with other players from around the world.
Newcomers to the game can participate in adventures and explore fantasy worlds already enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide.
The game provides rules for interacting in a group-driven, storytelling experience in a fantasy world filled with magic, fierce dragons and brave knights.
The movie, which follows a girl named Ofelia through her retreat into a fantasy world to escape the grim reality of life in Franco's Spain, is up for the foreign language Golden Globe and recently was named best picture by the National Society of Film Critics.
Ask Guillermo del Toro if he was like Ofelia, the Alice in Anything-but-Wonderland heroine more at home in the fantasy world than the grim reality in ``Pan's Labyrinth,'' and del Toro will answer before you finish the question.