Fanny Adams

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There will be no such problems tonight when Sweet will perform most of 1974's Sweet Fanny Adams, as well as their singles, in a two-hour show.
According to our sources here on the Your Questions Answered desk, Fanny Adams was indeed a real person.
The advent of canned meat, adds Cox, unfortunately coincided with the murder of a young woman, whose body was chopped into small pieces; thereafter sailors called tinned meat |sweet Fanny Adams'.
And here is what is in store this weekend: Be entertained by the dock's wonderful Christmas entertainers, including the twinkly and mischievous Jacks of Frost; the cheeky and hilarious Victorian festival funnels - Captain Carbuncle, Colonel Cognac and Fanny Adams; the beautiful Winter Fairy and her crystal juggling skills; the Victorian Gentlemen Juggler on his penny farthing, with case full of tricks; and A Very Curious Christmas Contrivance - powered by sprouts, this Heath Robinson-esque device is guaranteed to entertain as it trundles merrily along, pistols pumping and holly leaves flapping!
That might be just about acceptable if it did anything for the law-abiding public, never mind the inmates But as the latest report from Dame Elish Angiolini shows, prison does sweet Fanny Adams to combat the women's destructive, as well as criminal, behaviour. OLD AGE RAMPAGE LEGENDARY Sweet guitarist Andy Scott will celebrate his 60th birthday ten days early with a specially-extended set featuring the seminal Sweet Fanny Adams album - at the Robin 2, Mount Pleasant, Bilston on Friday, Jun 19.
Smug green points for doing sweet Fanny Adams. And it feels good to know that one of my recycled beer cans saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.
Last but not least, who on earth was Sweet Fanny Adams?