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the fans of a sport or famous person

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I think all three clubs that have gone up are big clubs - Newcastle and Brighton especially have massive fanbases," Wood added.
And in Singapore, as Singapore's hero and as Singapore's first ever world champion, her fanbase there is just outstanding.
It is one way to gauge the temperature of the fanbase.
SISU, the owners of Coventry City FC, need to finally listen to the club's fanbase (its customers) and drop the legal charges against Coventry City Council which represents the City of Coventry.
The fanbase is phenomenal, there's one team in the city, which certainly helps.
She might be the only Lebanese singer left who hasn't gone under the surgeon's knife but that doesn't mean Myriam Fares has lost any of her fanbase.
No sooner had the photographs started floating the internet to a disbelieving fanbase that club officials were reassuring Mighty Red would be restricted to community events and not be parading around the Anfield touchline before kick-off.
The Chicago Bears, whose Jewish fanbase is certainly not paltry even against the juggernauts of the northeast (their presidential fanbase is also formidable).
Summary: Greyson Chance's fanbase is growing by the minute and the teenage internet sensation can now count Lady Gaga among his supporters.
WALTER TROUT The Globe, Cardiff Tel: 07885 742171 The iconic bluesman returns to the city and is sure to bring a devoted fanbase to The Globe.
They already have a very decent ground, the fanbase is there, despite low attendances recently, and with Sven's contacts I can only see good things for them.
David O'Leary, Peter Reid and Kevin Blackwell believe Leeds' big fanbase will prove a major factor as Dennis Wise's side prepare for their first season in Coca-Cola League One with a 15-point penalty.