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Synonyms for fanatic

Synonyms for fanatic

one who holds extreme views or advocates extreme measures

one zealously devoted to a religion

a person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity

holding especially political views that deviate drastically and fundamentally from conventional or traditional beliefs

Synonyms for fanatic

a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause)


marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea

References in classic literature ?
Then the miserable fanatic must be found who will serve as an instrument of God's justice.
Moreover, his School Toryism was still strong, and he looked still with some jealousy on the Doctor, as somewhat of a fanatic in the matter of change, and thought it very desirable for the School that he should have some wise person (such as himself) to look sharply after vested School-rights, and see that nothing was done to the injury of the republic without due protest.
She was so fascinated that, even before marrying him, she joined a committee that had been organized abroad to work for the restoration of Poland; and further, she visited the confessional of a celebrated Jesuit priest, who made an absolute fanatic of her.
Rachel, being musical, was allowed to learn nothing but music; she became a fanatic about music.
The zeal of the religious fanatic whose altar has been desecrated was triply enhanced by the rage of a woman scorned.
A fanatic like Cornelius might very easily have found another fanatic who would give a hundred guilders for his remains.
The star of the fanatic sprang into Valentin's eyes; he strode towards the priest with clenched hands.
The battle was already balanced on a point, and the fanatic took flame at the risk.
How wearisome the grammarian, the phrenologist, the political or religious fanatic, or indeed any possessed mortal whose balance is lost by the exaggeration of a single topic.
It is thus, if there is any rule, that we ought to die--neither as victim nor as fanatic, but as the seafarer who can greet with an equal eye the deep that he is entering, and the shore that he must leave.
a Delaware corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Fanatics.
Jewish fanatics free access to the compound, according to witnesses and Muslim
Dreams" or the "Company")(NYSE Amex: DRJ) relating to the proposed acquisition by Fanatics, Inc.
Earlier this year Paulos Faraj Rahho, the Catholic Archbishop of the Iraqi city of Mosul, was kidnapped and murdered by, yes, you've guessed it, Muslim fanatics.
May God bless them all and keep them safe from those religious fanatics who want to destroy us and our way of life.