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Synonyms for fame

Synonyms for fame

Synonyms for fame

the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

favorable public reputation

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The post Limassol shipyard operator FAMA, enters deal with Petrogress appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Fama has words of forgiveness, hope and wisdom for all, from a neurotic neighbor who is bothered by the rose petals falling from the poet's tree into her yard in 'Rose Petals,' to a seven-year-old child in her family who is learning mathematics and just starting to grapple with the grievous concerns of our society in 'Failing Time and Money':
Fama also taught French to stay committed to high standards.
Aqui suenan trompetas y cajas, tiros, arcabuces y fuegos, y se abra el templo del dios Marte, donde, sobre otras tantas colunas, se vean nueve retratos de los Nueve de la Fama, y en la decima el emperador Carlos V, a caballo, entre diversas armas y despojos, que por todo el templo esten pendientes de velos de plata y lazos de colores; Marte en medio, armado, con plumas, lanza y rodela.
(5) Fama and French (2013) have recently incorporated variables that resemble our new factors into their three-factor model to form a five-factor asset pricing model.
Fama, 74, and Hansen, 61, are both professors at the University of Chicago, while Shiller, 67, is a professor at Yale University.
Fama, 74, and Hansen, 60, are associated with the University of Chicago.
Fama and Hansen are both professors at the University of Chicago, while Shiller is a professor at Yale University in Connecticut.
El Papa con el pontificado mas largo de la historia, desde 1846 a 1878, murio con fama de santidad; sin embargo, su proceso de beatificacion no culmino hasta el ano 2000.
IT MAY have taken Fama Mac 16 attempts to relinquish his maiden certificate, but there is little doubt he will soon be adding to that solitary success off his current handicap rating.
CARLISLE: 2.20 Another Trump, 2.55 Quinder Spring, 3.25 De Bee Keeper, 3.55 The Magic Bishop, 4.30 Maybe I Wont, 5.00 Super Duty, 5.30 Baltimoar LUDLOW: 2.10 Bab Al Salam, 2.40 Reckless Romeo, 3.15 Sadler's Star, 3.45 Bennys Quest, 4.15 Dancingtilmidnight, 4.50 Daneva, 5.20 Belle De Fontenay SOUTHWELL: 1.30 Giorgio's Dragon, 2.00 Chronic Flame, 2.30 Dude Alert, 3.05 Kicken Off, 3.35 Fama Mac, 4.05 Infinitum, 4.40 Danube River, 5.10 Maltease Ah WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.40 Mandy Layla, 6.10 Sigurwana, 6.40 Jullundar, 7.10 SEA FEVER (NAP), 7.40 Lean On Pete, 8.10 Willies Wonder, 8.40 Green Mitas, 9.10 Media Jury DOUBLE: Sea Fever and Dude Alert
Oil sands company Oilsands Quest Inc (NYSE Amex:BQI) reported on Thursday the receipt of approval for the sale of its non-core Eagles Nest asset to FAMA Capital Ltd for CAD7.0m.