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The Supreme Court held that the legislator included false pretences in the above article as a reason for compensating the statutory tenant when it is established that the judgment or the eviction order was issued as a result of them.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Section 314 prescribes a 15-year jail term for obtaining money under false pretences, while Section 287 stipulates three years imprisonment for stealing.
The trustees said: "It has been brought to [our] attention that the premises have been hired under false pretences by PRC Cambridge.
Chase claim Mr Drumm ran up a huge credit card bill under false pretences and false representations.
Each year a large number of women from Brazil, Colombia and the Dominican Republic are trafficked to Suriname under false pretences and subsequently exploited for prostitution.
It wasn't Brown who led the country into a war with Iraq under false pretences and it wasn't Blair who got the British economy into some semblance of order.
The other Welsh teams in the Celtic League use the term 'regional' under false pretences as they are no more than stand-alone clubs.
Magrate Mapfumo told a court in the Zimbabwe capital she paid the cash to fly the mermaids to Harare on the advice of musician Edna Chizema, who is on trial for theft by false pretences.
Come on,Charlie,even if you firmly believe Berti took money under false pretences when he was well past his prime, it doesn't mean you have to blank him.
This is the biggest con in the history of government and they should be taken to court for fraud and false pretences.
Either way they are taking money under false pretences.
If a club is found to be getting Lottery cash under false pretences, its grant could be taken away.
Benson reported that "he had been defrauded off Sh200,000 by Kevin Bahati Kioko under false pretences that he would get a premises under which they would both operate a business".
A 41-year-old man, Timothy Adeyemi, who allegedly obtained 1,200 bags of Dangote Sugar worth N11 million under false pretences, was on Wednesday brought before a Yaba Chief Magistrates' Court in Lagos State.
Police are looking for the whereabouts of a 31-year-old man from Russia who allegedly, along with his 72-year-old mother, tried to cheat his stepsister out of their deceased father's inheritance under false pretences.