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a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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Brown's false perspective of the middle decades of the fourth century becomes most evident in his comments on a passage in which the historian Ammianus Marcellinus makes a disparaging reference to beggars on the Vatican.
For the man in the arena, it is a false perspective. But in fact, the man in the arena has no better alternative to offer.
I think this is unfair and gives us a false perspective on the real numbers.
The UK regulatory agency Financial Services Authority is claiming that Entertainment Rights should have revealed this information 78 days earlier than it did, creating a false perspective of its business performance and stock value.
He didn't try and give it false perspective at all.
Aquila of Fargo said imposing the death penalty on the convicted murderer "reinforces the false perspective of revenge as justice.
"Things are improving but they are improving from such a low level that it gives a false perspective. Prices for livestock and cereals are rising but from unsustainable levels of a few years ago.
James Noone has given the production a neatly apt set, all wallpapered and wood-trimmed with a false perspective that makes it seem deeper than it is while bringing the playing area as far forward as possible, thereby helping to project the dialogue, which, of course, is the crux of Orton.
Ross faulted a public that "beholds sin in a false perspective, seeing peccadilloes as crimes, and crimes as peccadilloes." Today, most Americans doubtless see peccadilloes as peccadilloes but too few yet see corporate crimes as "crimes" and corporate immorality as "immorality." Thus the public continues to behold sin in a false perspective.