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a mask worn as part of a masquerade costume

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To test the effectiveness of the algorithm, this paper extracts the LBP and optical flow features to both the true and false faces for the classification training via SVM.
Careful of false faces trying to make claims on your fame.
To a large degree our co-presence everywhere at once in the electric age is a fact of passive, rather than active, experience." (McLuhan pp.248-249) As a result, the faces that users prepare are neither active nor authentic; they are masks, persona, false faces designed to deceive the passive bystander rather than to reveal an authentic personality to an active, a.k.a.
Adds Kirk: "There is so much fakery; I saw so many false faces growing up in the church.
But soon they start role-playing about their long-suffering "Stepford Wife" mother, and then about themselves, revealing that false faces may be a family as well as an American trait.
Hallowe'en was once an almost exclusively Celtic celebration, false faces and squibs, ghost stories and apple pie with coins baked in.
We call these the "false faces" of security because, although they may appear to or indeed provide an economic and personal foundation for individuals, they are all ways of separating people and maintaining inequalities between haves and have-nots -- between those in the center and the others on the margins.
"Civilization," Spencer argues, "is itself a mask" -- one of whose false faces can be religion (Spencer, 149).
The metamorphosis of online insurance will also uncover what Microsoft's Keven Kelly called the false faces of the Internet." These are pages put up by companies that have relied too heavily on the past communications-tool-only basis of the Net.
While this lack of retribution may seem completely uncharacteristic for the usually stoic and respectful Iroquois, they did participate in similar behavior in the centuries-old sanctioned False Faces Society, one of many Iroquois medicine societies.
Some of us have even worked from images of sacred or ceremonial objects and had students "make" Iroquois False Faces or Kachinas, for example.
People are sneaking around preserving so many different false faces, watching themselves constantly to make certain that they don't say something that will offend their employer or family or whomever.
Keep false faces and flirty moves well away from work.
You can see behind them Virgo and you know that if you look into their eyes no amount of rubber and false faces will be able to hide from you.
(33.) Blue is usually associated with sacral objects and concepts, which is one reason why, along with white, it forms the color code of "a class of secret masks." Fenton, False Faces, 133.