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decreasing in amount or degree

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becoming lower or less in degree or value


coming down freely under the influence of gravity


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The HSE has recorded eight incidents since the start of 2014, ranging from injuries caused by manual handling to a fall from height. Aberdeenshire came third on the list - tied with South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire - with five incidents over that period, including three cases where workers were hurt by falls from height and another in which a worker suffered an electric shock.
Rescue 1122 also responded to 1149 cases of drowning, 35554 delivery cases, 16984 fall from height, 547 building collapses, and 50918 miscellaneous incidents.
By Noimot Olayiwola/Staff Reporter Gulf Times Victims of road traffic accidents (RTAs) and fall from height still form the bulk of patients seen on a daily basis at the Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) Orthopaedic Department, has learnt.
The principal talking point will be a safety discussion highlighting the cost, both in human and commercial terms, which a fall from height can have on individuals and companies alike, plus the impact wind can have when working on or with cranes.
A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said: "The cause of his death was injuries consistent with a fall from height. Inquiries are ongoing."
He could see that no safeguards had been put in place to prevent a fall from height while this hazardous work was being carried out.
Pathologist Dr Joseph Newman, who carried out a post mortem examination, told the court Mrs Zhang had died of multiple injuries consistent with a fall from height.
Although the water's not necessarily very cold, a fall from height from a ferry into water gives you cold water shock.
Another very important cause of spinal injury in the Indian context was found to be fall from height.
It had the potential to cause a user to have a fall from height. The conditions that officers found were simply not acceptable."
Both firms pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 8(a) of the Work at Height Regulations Act 2005 which states: "The top guard-rail or other similar means of protection shall be at least 950 millimetres or, in the case of such means of protection already fixed at the coming into force of these Regulations, at least 910 millimetres above the edge from which any person is liable to fall." The construction industry employs over two million people but remains dangerous, with 34 of the 72 worker deaths in 2007 and 2008 resulting from a fall from height.
FIVE West Midlands' workers died and more than 4,200 suffered serious injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall from height in British workplaces last year.
Statistics show that 14,000 workers were seriously injured last year following a slip, trip or fall from height at work, and more shockingly, 50 people died.
After determining that the main danger for youths working on roofs is a fall from height, the Department of Labor decided to include these occupations in the ban.
He said the cause of death was due to head injuries due to a fall from height.