katabatic wind

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Synonyms for katabatic wind

a wind caused by the downward motion of cold air

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Joanne Kantrowitz was cheerfully cleaning the center's front garden, a thick coat and hat shielding her from the chilly fall wind blowing off nearby Lake Michigan.
South Beach in a fall wind, nothing like the candy-
The sun was shining, but the fall wind nipped at his ears.
Finally, try to orient the opening to provide good stand setups for the most frequent fall wind directions.
Next, try to situate the inside corner of the elbow so that the area's most common prevailing fall wind blows out to the feed plot and away from the fall plot.
They were here at Coors Field yesterday, with a chilly fall wind blowing through the empty stands, for an optional off-day workout.
You might also notice that the destination is located so that a northwest or west wind (or whichever prevailing fall winds you're likely to encounter) would carry all kinds of scent his way from the food source while he stood safely in the thick stuff.