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the Spanish Nazi party under Franco

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Here is another inconvenient truth that will be ignored in the coming days by those Johnsonites and Farage falangists: The backstop in its original form required that only Northern Ireland be kept very closely aligned to EU customs rules to remove that need for a hard border after Brexit.
Gil Gonzalez explains that "The political and ideological instrumentation of the comic strip had already been tested in Spain during the Civil War by tebeos such as the Falangist Flechas or the Carlist Pelayos."
Long live death!), provoking huge applause from the Falangists.
This is also an indictment on non-Western European peoples who, for Huxley, feed on violent spectacles: Nazis, Fascists, Falangists, and Spanish Republicans.
The poet Langston Hughes recounts how Ralph Thornton, an African American volunteer from Pittsburgh, described a fascist sniper in Aragon who was also vice-president of the local Falangists as 'a Spanish Klansman'.
The Spanish Civil War generated a poignant resonance in the Philippines because of its Spanish inheritance: the Falangists of Generalissimo Franco operated through the feudal landlords and bureaucrat-capitalist oligarchs in the Commonwealth government.
Israel's 'allies' and agents inside Lebanon, especially the Falangists, have been completely marginalised.
The Falangists are cruelly sadistic, as are Herbal's father and brother-in-law; the bureaucrats are expedient and self-serving, the clergy are hypocritical" (35-36).
Picasso's acceptance of the proposal would have been a major coup for the Falangists, "destroying Picasso's status as a hero of the left; he would have been regarded as a traitor to the left for going back to Spain", said Richardson.
In this light, Spanish pilgrimages to Nazi Germany represented serious attempts to conform Nationalist Spain to the New Order by Falangists and other Naziphiles, who hoped to learn what they could from imitating and adapting German National Socialism to Spanish conditions.
(1) It was then that the "Nationalists" emerged as an amalgam of different political tendencies: traditionalist Carlists, monarchists (Accion Espanola), Christian Democrats (CEDA), Falangists, and even members of the Catalan nationalist party (La Lliga).
The first opportunity for him to turn political beliefs into action happened during the Spanish Civil War, when Franco's Falangists were backed by Hitler and Mussolini against the Republicans.
It was here in 1936, early in the Spanish Civil War, that the beloved Lorca and his fellow victims who had been executed by Fascist Falangists for their liberal views were tossed into a mass grave, marking one of the darkest days in the country's history.
We meet drug dealers, real estate hustlers, soccer stars, corrupt businessmen and pols, incorruptible judges, not-so-former Falangists, and Opus Dei.