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a fake in the form of an imitation book

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The options are endless with Fake Books because they give you material to work with already.
Books such as Hal Leonard's Easy Fake Book series, and the Rise Again Songbook make it possible to sing lyrics while playing simple chords, which is a great way to get adult students playing songs quickly.
Such books could be divided into two categories: simply popular literature and fake books, which we will analyse separately below.
Al Jazeera rented a TV studio in my hometown of Seattle, where I was directed to sit alone in a tiny room with fake books. The studio had apparently scheduled other interviews, with participants formally dressed only from the waist up.
iGigBook ($15 for iPhone/iPad) lets you carry all your music with you on your mobile device: real books, fake books, transposing chord charts and single sheets of music.
The Story of Fake Books (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2006) describes the history of fake books as it evolved from Tune-Dex cards in the 1940s, bootlegged versions in the 1950s and 1960s, and culminated in The Real Book (1st .ed., 2 vols.
Stephenson had created the fictional character in three days to showcase the key messages when choosing a brand, with his own fake books, an entry on Wikipedia and the Steve Sand website.
SP (Investigation) Tahir Ayub said that police arrested four persons identified as Mumtaz Khan, Muhammad Adeel, Khadim Hussain and Rukhsana Bibi and recovered four cars, fake books and tempering equipments from their possession.
To quote one of the tunes included in most Fake books, "The moon belongs to everyone ...
The story of fake books; bootlegging songs to musicians.
Just as publicans can buy fake books by the yard to stick on their shelves this is bland crap bought by the kilo that probably served no use in whatever previous life it had.
A source said: "They are looking into whether the two officers were selling fake books and other goods over the internet."
A police source said: 'They are looking into whether the two officers were selling fake books and other Harry Potter goods over the Internet.'
Racette painstakingly combed through hand-written manuscripts, famous musicians' fake books, vintage sheet music and, through a transaction made with a rare book dealer, Ethel Merman's very own copy of Cole Porter lyrics.
Everything in Render's life is a facade, a quality represented literally by his residence: a model home--for a subsequently terminated development community--decorated with fake books and generic furniture.