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a private religious school run by a church or parish

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Current laws allow faith-based schools to discriminate against gay students in some Australian states (AFP / MANILA BULLETIN)
Simmons-Harris decision in 2002, the constitutionality of private school choice was in serious question, because a number of earlier precedents invalidated state efforts to support faith-based schools on federal establishment clause grounds.
The move comes after a damning Ofsted report which found the school inadequate in all four categories, and raises some key questions about faith-based schools, parental choice and the future of the free school project in England.
This volume examines the issue of school choice programs that include public, charter, and private faith-based schools. Through analyses and discussion, it describes the arguments for and against school choice; the effects of public, faith-based, and public charter schools on academic achievement (through a meta-analysis); the history of school choice programs in the US and internationally; the private school edge in achievement; issues of fairness and taxation; the bipartisan nature of the school choice debate; the effects of school choice; whether religious schools will lose their distinctiveness; and benefits for minorities and inner-city children.
Similarly, faith-based schools were less likely to offer condoms to students and the overall number of condoms given to students/year was significantly lower.
Founded in 1989, Smart Tuition is the largest independently owned tuition payment service offered to parents at Pre K-12 private and faith-based schools. In a recent tuition management survey of 8000 parents from 48 states, respondents familiar with Smart Tuition and Facts Management preferred Smart in all categories by an 8:1 margin.
According to its website: "Tauheedul Free Schools are non-selective Muslim faith-based schools which welcome pupils from all faiths and none."
(51) Most of these faith-based schools have been established by or integrated into their public school districts with little public debate or controversy.
Where such criteria becomes contentious is that nearly all faith-based schools in Birmingham and around the UK are financed entirely by the taxpayer.
Another limitation in the faith-based schools and community relations literature is the lack of empirical evidence.
Lukaszuk's assistant director of communications, Donna McColl, said that faith-based schools and homeschooling families would not be able to teach that homosexual behaviour is a sin.
Less dramatically was the comfortable return of the Liberals in Ontario in the 2007 election helped immensely by John Tory, the leader of the Conservatives, who got hung up on extending public funding to faith-based schools. It became a central issue and he was on the wrong side.
With the province of Ontario's present policy I am very concerned that we the tax payers will be forced to pay for all faith-based schools. Our province has been censured twice by the United Nations Human Rights Committee for providing public funding for one faith group at the exclusion of all others.
I am seeking to deepen both my own and my readers' understanding of a too-often neglected facet of contemporary American higher education (i.e., faith-based schools)," writes Samuel Schuman (University of New Mexico) by email.
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