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king of Saudi Arabia from 1964 to 1975 (1906-1975)

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Sixty years ago, Iraq's monarchy came to an end with a bloody coup that killed the young King Faisal II. Many Iraqis still believe it was the start of a catastrophic slide downhill.
On the morning of July 14, 1958, King Faisal II, who had just turned 23, was led into the palace courtyard with several family members.
The 14th July, 1958 Revolution had toppled the Monarchy in Iraq, for which King Faisal II had been its Monarch, and announced the Republic of Iraq, and its 1st communique, read by Qassim's No.2, Major-General Abdul Salam Aref, announcing the downfall of the regime.
In 1958, the pro-Western government of Faisal II was overthrown by 'Abd al-Karim Qasim.
"King Faisal II of Iraq sent a telegram of congratulations to the Shah (of Iran) saying that the decision would have a powerful effect on the cause of world security and progress."
RAF Habbaniya was put under siege by the Iraqis, King Faisal II and his family were assassinated and Abdul Karim el Qasim was installed as President.
I asked, "Are you King Faisal II?" "Yes," he replied.
King Faisal II's father commissioned British architects to build the project, which would eventually encompass an area almost two miles long.
Yet there is Robert Ryan, proudly explaining how he taught his son to clean and carry his rifle, and to hunt, and Randolph Scott extolling the virtues of his "Peacemaker." King Faisal II of Iraq praises his Holland & Holland double rifle and President Dwight D.
The Baghdad Pact survived until the Iraqi revolution of 1958, which overthrew the pro-Western monarchy of King Faisal II, marking a new phase of Arab cold war.
Fifty years ago (26 July 1956) Anthony Eden's dinner party for young King Faisal II of Iraq and his prime minister, the seasoned Nuri Pasha Al Said, was interrupted by news that Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser had nationalised the Suez Canal, just nine years before its concession agreement granted by the Egyptian government was to run out.
A fugitive from...[Saddam's] brutality, he returned to Iraq 30 months ago in the hope of restoring the political civilities many Iraqis say were swept away with the assassination of King Faisal II in 1958".
Haifa's cousin Abdul Karim Kasim headed a military coup in 1958 which overthrew the last King of Iraq, Faisal II.
The holiday commemorates the overthrow of King Faisal II in 1958.